Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Cravings

Whit is only craving chicken wings and Indian food lately. He has developed aversions to raw carrots, celery, and other healthy vegetables. We tell him not to worry, there is still plenty of time to put on weight! :-)

How We Told Alex & Zach

On Father's Day, after they gave Whit all of his presents, we handed them an envelope and said, "Now we have a surprise for you." When they opened it up, they found this clue sending them on a treasure hunt, "Be patient, it will take some time..." After looking in the clock, other clues sent them where something is growing, places where I'll do more laundry, etc. It was really cute! They were very surprised and jumped up and down excitedly.

For the next 2 hours, Alex followed me all around the house asking me questions about when we knew, if it would be a boy or girl, and how big is my stomach.

Here is a picture of Alex pretending to be me: pregnant and tired!!!

Little Fingers and Toes

After several requests to share photos, we decided this would be the best way to do that.
We hope you enjoy!
In the Beginning...
In the early weeks, when we only knew of the possibility of becoming pregnant, I noticed a sudden increase in my appetite for milk, cheese, and carbs. Because of that, I believe I gained about 4 pounds right away. After an unfortunate lapse in workouts (due to getting ready for our trip to Italy, packing up my classroom, and finishing the school year), I went for a run in our neighborhood. After a little while I just could not run any longer. I felt out of breath, a little dizzy, and I knew something was up. Let Whit say what he likes, but I think it was his excitement that got us to take the 2 tests right away :-) and both were positive. Over the next 2 months (the rest of the first tri-mester) I became quite exhausted, as usually happens. I would collapse at the end of the school day. Whit always laughed when I wanted to go to bed at dinner time. Here is our first ultrasound picture from the 8th week.